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Doug Kirk and Robb Galloway of New Sage Homes while having 60+ years of building and designing experience behind them, have just recently added to their already existing and acclaimed Solargon with 2 more super insulated building packages: the Backyard Diamond and the Backyard Quadra. Like the Solargon these are made with cam-locking (that’s right…no nails) sips panels. They go up fast and are perfect as an extra room for guests, a home office or studio and fit in most backyards. Man-cave? Absolutely! There is also the Quadra 28 Aspen which is a larger version of the Backyard Quadra. This is a perfect choice for an off the grid home that can utilize alternative energy effectively because of its low energy design. All that New Sage Homes produces now and in the future have one common theme and that is they represent the best in eco-friendly building concepts and energy efficient designs and materials.The beauty of that is that it benefits everyone, while offering a more sustainable, affordable future.        

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