Backyard Quadra

backyard quadra

Small Green Homes

If you are a small green homes enthusiast then you know that you have smaller energy demands for heating or cooling. New Sage Homes offers two new sustainable home designs that get close to energy independence by incorporating passive solar principles with super insulation.

You can manage the performance of these tiny dwellings like sailing a boat. Turn your rudder and trim your sails to come about. Likewise in warmer months open the windows and let cooler air in during the evening, while closing the windows in the morning before the day heats up trapping the cool night air to take advantage of passive air conditioning. In colder months when the sun is lower in the sky, properly sized and placed windows results in passive solar gain supplementing heating demands .  A New Sage Home, high R-value building envelope, helps maximize efficiency to where in moderately cold weather … you become the heating system.