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Our Backyard models are a great choice for that extra room...

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Down size to a more efficient lifestyle with the Cottage…

Quadra Two Story Home

Introducing the Quadra two story SIPs home for those seeking more space but with the same energy efficient qualities our smaller backyard series and Solargons are known...

Backyard Quadra Interior Loft

The Backyard Quadra makes a great extra room for visitors.

Backyard Quadra Winter

Low energy demands make this model your off-the-grid choice.

Backyard Quadra Interior

A small building that’s big inside.

Backyard Quadra

The Backyard Quadra is the perfect design for an eco-friendly office space or studio....

Backyard Diamond Interior

The Diamond is small on the outside and big on the inside.

Backyard Diamond

  The Backyard Diamond works beautifully as a office space or studio...